When children learn early to walk the reading road, they enter the magic portal to time travel. Favorite book characters meet them all along their journey, from those who lived long ago around our world to those who exist in a science fiction of future faraway worlds.

Black Beauty galloped over this hill, and the white rabbit disappeared down a hole on the other side where Alice in Wonderland tumbled. Little Red Riding Hood picked flowers and skipped along this road to Grandmother’s house. The Cat in the Hat is grinning from one of the tree branches, and all Tasha Tudor’s little corgis from The Springs of Joy run along sniffing the grass. Asking someone’s favorite book is like asking someone’s favorite color or song. There are countless favorites – that’s the way it is with books and stories. They live forever, in traditional print books, in the words of those who tell them over and over to new generations of children, and now in digital e-book form.

Take the hand of a child soon, and begin the adventure which will foster the sparks of imagination. Walk the reading road and make discoveries together!

The Book!

LEMON TREES AND BUMBLEBEES presents the magic of pollination, the dance of bees and flowers, to a young audience. It does so with engaging wit and charm, using just the right combination of creative descriptions and fanciful illustrations. This book will entrance readers of all ages. I recommend it highly.”

Stephen Buchmann, Ph.D.
The Pollinator Partnership Arizona
Co-author, The Forgotten Pollinators

“Here is a greatly entertaining children’s book which introduces the concept of pollination with vivid words and colorful illustrations. Elementary-level boys and girls are sure to discover an early interest in science and nature as they follow these busy bees all the way to the fun on the last page. Child-friendly recipes, a glossary of new terms, and fact pages for further discussion are included.”

James H. Cane, Ph.D.
Professor of Biology
Utah State University